What Is Included In A Brand Style Package

What’s Included In A Brand Identity Package
We know that investing in a brand identity for your business is a big deal. And we also know that there’s no reason for you to understand the process or know what you’ll be receiving if you’ve not been through this process before.

Whether you’re looking to start working with a designer, or are in the process of creating a brand identity, here’s a helpful guide to what comes in a brand package and what you should be able to expect from your designer, based on the items we include in our own Brand Identity packages.

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Whats included in a brand identity package
A Brand Identity package includes…
The brand identity packages we create are delivered as a collection of files and documents. These files are ‘packaged’ together into folders so that it’s easy for our clients to navigate and find the files they need.

It looks a little like this:

As you can see the files and documents are grouped into:

Brand Guides




Logo Information

Some packages might also include other files and folders if a company has illustrations, specialty graphics or other elements within the identity. So! Let’s delve into each of these folders and the items within them.

  1. Brand Guides
    Every brand identity package includes 2 brand guides, a Brand Guidelines document and a Style Tile.

A Brand Guidelines document is a large, comprehensive guide to a brand identity. It includes the Brand Strategy work done at the beginning of the identity process, as well as a breakdown of all the visuals and how best to use them

A Style Tile on the other hand is a 1-page document that shows the logos, colours and fonts of an identity. We include these because it’s much quicker to glance at one of these to find a brand’s font name or colour codes than it is to find it within a 30 page document, and we want to make things like that easier and simpler for our clients!

style tile.png

  1. Logos
    The logo folder is probably the biggest, and more frequently used folder – for obvious reasons! Each logo type is housed in this folder, with both vector and raster files prepped for screen and print uses. (Learn more about these file types here.)

A brand might include 1-4 specific logos, as well as a favicon (the little icon you see in the tab of a browser). We also keep any logo based graphics and icons in this folder, along with social media profile images of the logos prepped for each platform the businesses has a profile for.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.31.25 PM.png
Each of those logo types has files prepped for both print and for screen uses (i.e files prepped in both RGB and CMYK colour modes), in both raster (JPEG or PNG) and vector file types. Logo files are always created in black and white for every business, and any of the suitable brand colours.

PNG files are provided in two resolution sizes too so that there are options for different needs and screens.

If all of this jargon is a bit confusing, don’t worry! At the end of the day just rest assured that every brand identity comes with every single file that could possible be needed – but most clients will only use a few of them regularly.

  1. Fonts
    Legally we can’t share font files with clients, because they are a licensed material. So! what we do is provide links to download or purchase them. These links are provided in a universal text doc that can be opened on any computer.

Worth noting: We always aim to provide fonts that available from Adobe Fonts (free as part of a Creative Cloud subscription), Google Fonts, or are available for purchase under $250. We also often look for fonts that can be downloaded for free, or purchased from other licensing sites for under $50. Sometimes, on specific website platforms, we are limited and unable to access Adobe or Google fonts. In those cases we’ll always research the options before selecting fonts for a brand. Plus, we always run the fonts by our clients ahead of time so they can review and approve them.


  1. Collateral
    This folder might include business card files, postcards, or any other collateral (printed assets) that might be included in the brand identity.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9.03.12 PM.png

  1. Logo Information
    Because we know that all of the files included in a brand identity (most specifically the logo files) can be confusing and overwhelming, we also include a Logo Information document that details the different file types and acts a resource for our clients to refer to whenever they need a refresher.

  1. And that’s about it! Lots of files, lots of documents and lots of information. Curious to learn more about our branding process? Check out this blog post and reach out if you’d like to partner with us for your business’s brand identity!

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